Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Game Is a Bogie

All joking aside now let's stop this nonesense, the game is a bogie, the manager is cheating. How can this guy justify replacing Ranger's best player with his own man, only to see him throw the game?

Rangers are now ten points behind Champions Celtic and it is hard to see any way back. Second place is looking like it might be a bridge too far. The team was dreadful and the manager, well the jury is back in and he is guilty. If this was the Wild West a posse would be hunting him down and when he was found he would be hung from the nearest tree. Le Guin must be happy he lives in more sophisticated times.

Well want had changed since Aberdeen? Not a lot really when you consider the opposition, Letizi and Sebo in for McGregor and Sionko. Shouldn't have mattered but it did. McGregor was the only reason Rangers are still in Europe and, before today, in touch at the top.

The game was a dead bore until Letizi saved from Dargo after thirty minues. Yup thirty minues and Rangers had created nothing. Maybe that woke the Rangers up because five minutes later the Manchester United player, Bardsley, had a shot at Caley's goal. Yawn!!!!!!

The usually reliable Buffel had another shot saved after 42 minutes and that was it for the first half. What a bore, what a joke.

The second half continued in the same vain and it wasn't until 58 minutes when again it was Buffel with the shot that produced a fine save from the Caley goalkeeper. Buffel again was unlucky when his brilliant volley flew just over.

Buffel, again, was in the thick of it, his flick to Adam looked like it had gievn Rangers a penalty, but the referee was having none of it.

Boyd came on for Prso who had given a poor show today. Boyd was not must better missing from a Sebo rebound.

Then it happened, Caley scored when Letizi failed to hold onto Dargo's shot, Baynes stuck the rebound home. 1-0 to Caley Thistle.

The fans seemed upset and booed and jeered Letizi. But the guy was only doing his job, it was the manager who made the decision to play him and it is he who should be booed.

Novo came on as a sub and was close after 78 minutes and also crossed to Boyd who missed again. It was Novo again in the last minute with a close effort, but the game finished and Rangers had been beaten by Caley Thistle for the first time at Ibrox.

Le Guen thinks he is going to have a hard job turning things around a Ibrox this season. Insightful? Non? It's his team and he built it, trained it and picked it. Rubbish. He is a very luck man, last year McLiesh got hounded out of his job, and even Strachan at Celtic got a harder time than this guy.

It is time for the Chairman to live up to his billing and make some difficult decisions.

To paraphase the Ibrox Faithful, Boo!!!!


At 2:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very true mate.

As the Celtic fans say, 'Agent Le Guin return to the Chapel, mission accomplished'


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